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Our Cocktails


Grandma Vi's Pie

Spiced Mule

Angry Joe's Spiced Bourbon, apple cider, cinnamon, simple syrup, & apple slices

Dizzy from the Toddy

The HI Whiskey, honey, lemon, & a cinnamon stick


Buttered Rum

Angry Joe's Spiced Rum, butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, allspice, & a cinnamon stick

Harsens Classics
The Tashmoo-jito

The HI Rum, lime, mint leaves, simple syrup, & club soda

Call the Copper Kentucky Mule

HI Water Stright Bourbon Whiskey, lime juice, ginger beer, & a mint sprig garnish

Two-Minutes for Roughing

Angry Joe's Spiced Bourbon, & Dr. Pepper

Roaring 20's Bee's Knees

The HI Gin, honey syrup, & lemon juice

The Sidewheeler

The HI Vodka, cran-raspberry juice, lemon juice, &  a Michigan cherry garnish

The Dangerously Smooth Cocktail

The HI Raspberry Vodka, & lemonade

The Bernstein Old Fashioned

Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey​​, bitters, sugar, an orange slice​ & Michigan cherry garnish

A Hockey Stick

The HI Whiskey, orange juice, & lemon juice

Crossed Piña Colada

Angry Joe's Spiced Rum, pineapple juice, & coconut milk

Flapper's Favorite

The Strawberry Vodka, muddled blueberries, simple syrup, lemon juice, & club soda

Bean-Shooter Shot

The HI Rum, & apple pucker

—  make it Angry  —

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